• July 2008

    "...the Vado is also unbelievably simple to use. If you've ever missed a photo opportunity through fiddling with your camera's settings, you'll appreciate the need for simplicity when it comes to capturing anything remotely candid. At around four seconds, the Vado takes a little too long to start up for truly spontaneous shooting, but just a single button press sets it recording..."
  • June 2008

    "The Vado stands-up against the Flip in a number of areas: the rechargeable battery and the slimmer profile will appeal. Likewise, the option of step down in quality to get an extra hour from the memory is an option that makes this a much more versatile device. The screen is bigger, the design more conservative and the price lower."
  • June 2008

    "Creative's Vado Pocket Video Cam trumps the Flip models on several counts: It's thinner and cheaper, and it holds more footage."
  • June 2008

    "I checked out various pocket video cameras and decided on the Vado. The main selling point is the ease in operation. Nothing could be simpler than hitting the front button to start recording video and sound. The other bigly is the built-in Vado Central software. No need to download, load up a CD or do anything--Vado does it all."
  • May 2008

    "The .avi files will automatically appear (after plugging the USB connector into your computer) and you can automatically upload them to YouTube or Photobucket. It's all very easy."