• "I'm extremely amazed by the picture/sound quality, reliability and response that my Vado HD is capable of. I especially enjoy its wide lens, 8GB of space, removal battery and flesh tone accuracy. A pocket camera giving me great color and allowing me to catch things in a heartbeat was extremely important and my Vado HD is a total pro. Experimenting with great quality HD footage - with a device that fits in the palm of my hand - is so exciting! The footage comes out so well it can be integrated into an existing edits of 720p footage shot with a larger camera and it totally holds up! I'm so blown away that I catch myself talking about my Vado HD all the time to friends, family, in lectures and to random strangers. Get this camera, get it."
    Michael J. Carrasquillo, NYC, Brooklyn
  • "The Vado HD is my fave portable HD video device. The wide-angle lens rocks and it's idiot-proof. All it needs now is mic-in."
    Kinmun Lee a.k.a mrbrown, Singapore
  • "I am blown away by how much fun I am having with my Vado HD. My friends and family that have seen my videos are shocked when they see the sleek little camera I use to create them. The small size of the camera allows me to bring it EVERYWHERE, and I do! I just throw it in my pocket and I am off. The image quality is amazingly sharp and the sound is great, even with the Aquapack on. The cost didn't break my bank and it performs more like what I would expect from a camera that costs a LOT more money. Thank you for making such a great product! I plan on taking my Vado HD on many, many more adventures. Oh and I love the wide-angle lens, a must have."
    Justin Snyder, Long Beach, California
  • "I still can't believe that a device this small and convenient is capable of producing such impressive results. The Vado HD in my mind is a cut above the other choices currently on the market. It's got a wide angle lens, longer recording time, and excellent battery life. Just the size alone has inspired me to be more creative with my videos. I would feel hindered by large cameras, excessive amounts of gear, and tangles of cables. This is no longer the case, when I use the Vado HD, it is as easy as putting my keys in my pocket and heading out for new adventures. Suddenly the common comes to life; it practically asks to be noticed. If you take the time to really look at it, the Vado HD is an invaluable tool that I highly recommend."
    Oscar Villarreal, Kingsville, Texas
  • "We were pleasantly surprised by the clarity and sharpness of the video clip. In addition, the compact nature of the Vado HD made it extremely portable and thus, it was convenient for us to slip it in our pocket and film at various locations of our choice. Last but not least, the transferring of video clips from the Vado HD to our laptop was fast and easy as all we had to do was plug the Vado HD set into the USB port¬°¬≠ In summary, the Vado HD was a joy to use and produced clips which were definitely of high quality. Any doubts about the functionality of the Vado HD was eradicated after the first try and we thoroughly enjoyed the process of the filming!"
    CG 1109, Temasek Junior College, Singapore
  • "I love my Vado HD! The quality of the image and sound is amazing. We have an expensive video camera we use at church and my Vado HD takes much cleaner video. I love the size. I can take it anywhere. It lives in my purse, it fits perfectly in my Vera Bradley media case. The other day there was a lot of commotion near work. Police helicopters and patrol cars all over the place. My son was with me and he said, "I wish I had my camera!" I said, "The Vado is in my purse." We drove through the traffic like papparazzi recording video to show my husband when we returned home. The Vado is a powerful camera, don't let its compact size fool you."
    Cindy Schultz, Bradenton, Florida
  • "The Vado HD's small size makes it super easy to carry around, while its wide-angle lens allows you to capture what you see without having to take several steps back first. I've tested a couple of pocket cameras before, but the Vado HD is the best pocket HD camera I've used so far!"
    Steve Tan, Vancouver
  • I'm impressed with the quality of the videos shot with Vado HD. The colors turn out vivid and the images, sharp. I like the convenience of having the USB port built into the camera itself. It's incredibly tedious to have to carry cables around and this really saves the trouble.
    Cai Jiahui, Singapore