The ROAR sounds killer, and it’s definitely very balanced: lows are deep and rich, mids are very pronounced, and highs are a well-blended part of the mix.

– Android Police

Powerful & Mellifluous Killer Audio

The Sound Blaster Roar is a masterpiece of audio innovation. It features not one, but two high performance amplifiers, and five speaker drivers (which includes a built-in active subwoofer for kickass thumping bass.) No other battery-powered portable wireless speakers of the same size and price can even come close to the Roar's acclaimed audio performance. The compact speaker powerhouse is designed to punch way above its weight in sheer audio power, filling an entire room with BIG non-sweet spot-dependent sound. It is further enhanced with proprietary ROAR, TeraBass & MegaStereo technologies.

Bi-amplified Design

Most portable speakers use one amplifier to reproduce a full spectrum of audio. The result is an impaired delivery of the highs in your audio. But the Sound Blaster Roar uses two amplifiers to produce a full spectrum of audio with uncompromised dynamics and clarity. The Bi–amplified design of the speaker gives you clear, high-definition and well-balanced audio, like no other speaker.

Five Drivers, Built-in Subwoofer


With the luxury of an active crossover thanks to its Bi-amplified design, the Sound Blaster Roar features an active high excursion 2.5″ driver that pumps out impressive bass and mids, directing the audio upwards which stabilizes the speaker and also provides for a wider soundstage that is less acoustic sweet spot-dependent.

Passive Radiators

The Sound Blaster Roar is further matched with side-firing, dual opposing passive radiators which further enhance bass levels while widening the soundstage.

High-frequency drivers

The Sound Blaster Roar features two carefully selected durable, lightweight, 1.5″ high frequency drivers that deliver balanced highs for providing far-field high frequency dispersion.

ROAR: Instant No-holds-barred Audio Power

The Sound Blaster Roar is designed to be different. By default, it produces balanced, high fidelity audio. And in scenarios where sheer audio power is needed, such as in large parties and social gatherings, users can press the ROAR button that instantly boosts the loudness, depth and spaciousness of the audio — no holds barred.


Like a professional loudspeaker, the Sound Blaster Roar is designed to go low and accurate — ideal in most situations. However, during low-volume listening, such as at night, or in less than ideal acoustic environments, some would perceive a lack of bass in the playback. TeraBass helps to compensate for this loss. As the playback volume increases, the bass compensation level is reduced till the maximum dynamic output is reached, where no processing is applied.

TeraBass can also be turned off if it is not desired.

MegaStereo Experience

One Sound Blaster Roar speaker already sounds good by itself, but with two, they’re awesome. Its unique MegaStereo feature allows you to hook up two units of Sound Blaster Roar speakers using the optional MegaStereo Cable to enjoy a wider sound stage with twice the punch for more immersive audio. The cable also lets you have fun “enslaving” other speakers when you connect them to the Sound Blaster Roar.

High-quality Audio Codecs

The Sound Blaster Roar supports aptX and AAC — advanced HD codecs that deliver high quality audio for Bluetooth transmission. These codecs — supported by branded Android phones and the iPhone — are crucial for great wireless audio and is not even found on many expensive wireless speakers.


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