Go Modular with the Creative Dxm Series

Your audio should be enjoyed with minimal fuss and maximum convenience. In keeping with our philosophy of creating clever solutions in design and usage, we’ve engineered our modular wireless speakers to give you the freedom, flexibility and ease in having your audio just the way you like it.

Clever audio control at your fingertips

With the Creative Central app for iOS and Android, you’ll be able to activate a suite of smart features that unleashes the full potential of your Creative Dxm speakers.

Fast and easy modular setup

Setting up modular speaker system has never been simpler. Just use the app and follow the step-by-step wizard.

Instant Room Calibration

How your room is furnished can affect the way your audio sounds. With a few simple taps on your smart device, the app’s Room Calibration feature lets you optimize your speakers to make your audio sound its best in every room. We think that’s pretty clever, don’t you?

Not tied to any OS

With Bluetooth being widely available in most smart gadgets, pairing them to our modular speakers is easy and convenient. You’re free to enjoy your audio wirelessly with any OS.

Just the way you like it

Customize the audio settings for your music and movies with Sound Modes. You can choose from a variety of useful setting options, such as Voices (for vocal music), Cinematic Action (for movies) or Night Mode (for suppressed audio in late night settings).

Audiophile-grade quality

We’ve built each Creative Dxm speaker with cutting edge technologies and superior components, and they’ve all been meticulously evaluated by our team of professional audio experts to ensure you get only the best audio. But hey, don’t take our word for it, read what our customers have to say!

Go easy on your wallet

If cost is a concern that’s stopping you from getting the full 3.1 setup, take heart! Why not consider taking the first step to get one modular speaker first and thereafter slowly build up your complete set? Besides, the Creative Dxm Series is arguably one of the most affordable speakers in the market because we believe enjoying good, high-quality audio need not be expensive.

Creative D5xm / D3xm ZiiSound D5x / D3x
Supported Subwoofer Creative DSxm – only works with
Creative D5xm or D3xm
ZiiSound DSx – only works with
ZiiSound D5x or D3x
Creative Central App CompatibilityYes No
Modular SetupApp-assisted or Manual Manual only
Room CalibrationYes - Click here to see the list of supported devices. No
Sound Modes Yes No
iPhone charging bayNo Yes – ZiiSound D5x only
Included AccessoriesNo BT-D5 iPhone/iPod transmitter
BT-D1 USB transmitter