What are Modular Speakers?

Modular design employs the concept of combining standardized units to build larger and customized configurations, giving users the flexibility and freedom to create the setup they desire.

With Creative’s modular wireless speakers, you don’t need to purchase the ultimate 3.1 configuration all at one go. You can get one speaker unit first, and then subsequently add on more units or a subwoofer whenever you feel like it.

And even if you have a complete 3.1 system, you don’t have to be stuck with this setup forever. Being modular means your speakers can be easily delinked and transformed into two or more separate speaker systems.

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Start small with one unit

Every unit of Dxm speaker is a powerhouse on its own, professionally tuned to deliver striking accuracy and unbeatable audio.

Its contemporary one-piece design makes it a timeless addition to any audio setup in your house.

Add bass

For that extra 'oomph' to your music, you’d definitely want to add the DSxm subwoofer. It features Creative SLAM™ technology, which delivers thunderous bass even with its compact size.

You can link it wirelessly to up to three Dxm speakers and enjoy the flexibility of placing it almost anywhere.

Get a wider sound stage

Link two Dxm speakers and these will serve as your left and right channels. This wider sound stage offers a more realistic and immersive listening experience.

The ultimate entertainment speaker system

Connect up to a maximum of three speakers and a subwoofer. With this ultimate 3.1 setup, you can enjoy theater-like movies with surround sound or bring the house down when you party away with the speakers simultaneously blasting the same song throughout the house!

Easy setup with Creative Central

Linking these speakers and subwoofer is now a no-brainer with this free app! The Creative Central App has an intuitive step-by-step wizard to help you link (and delink) your Dxm speakers and subwoofer to form any configuration you want.