Watch and Learn

Learn everything you need to know about using Creative Central with your Dxm modular speakers from our tutorial videos.

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You're in control

Creative Central is a free app for your smart device that lets you easily set up and control your Dxm speakers – right from the palm of your hand!

Build it up!

We've made it really easy for you to set up your dream system. An ultimate 3.1 (three speakers + one subwoofer) system or just a basic 1.1 setup? You decide. Adding more wireless speakers or a subwoofer can be done in a jiffy!

  • Single
  • 1.1 System
  • 2.0 System
  • 2.1 System
  • 3.0 System
  • 3.1 System

Get the party going!

From cinema to discotheque – get your speakers to switch from playing multi-channel sound to operating simultaneously as individual stereo units in different rooms.

Delink your speakers

Transform your 3.1 system to three separate standalone stereo units.

Perfect audio in any room

With Room Calibration, it doesn't matter where your Dxm speakers are placed, adjustments will be automatically made so you'll experience the best audio possible.

Modes for different moods

Play your audio just the way you like it with the several Sound Mode options available.