Get the most out of your ZiiO or ZEN Touch 2

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Access apps easily with six-panel home screen navigation

Six-panel home screen navigation put easy app and widget access at your fingertips!


10 tips to maximize battery life on the Creative ZiiO or ZEN Touch 2 Series

  1. Turn Wi-Fi off if it is not needed. Simply go to Settings and look for Wireless & Networks. Turn Wi-Fi off by un-checking the Wi-Fi option.
  2. Likewise, turn Bluetooth off if it is not needed. Go to Settings > Wireless & Networks, and uncheck the Bluetooth option.
  3. Keep the brightness setting as low as possible.
  4. To save power, terminate unnecessary applications and widgets that are running in the background. Simply go to Settings > Applications > Running Services. Next, select desired applications or widgets and terminate them.
  5. Install an Android application called Battery Booster, a useful battery-boosting tool and power-management application that tracks battery usage, adjusts screen brightness and has a built-in smart task manager.
  6. Disable applications that sync constantly. Applications like Twitter and Facebook can drain the battery quickly as they are frequently updated. You can go to Settings > Accounts & Sync and uncheck Background Data to prevent such apps from updating constantly.
  7. Avoid leaving your Creative ZiiO or ZEN Touch 2 in a hot environment.
  8. Disable animated wallpapers.
  9. Turn off your Creative ZiiO or ZEN Touch 2 instead of using the sleep mode.
  10. Do not let your battery drain completely. The Creative ZiiO and ZEN Touch 2 are powered by Lithium-ion/Lithium Polymer batteries, which in fact perform better if you regularly charge them.

Freeing Up the Memory

Apps running in the background may take up memory and affect your device's response time. To free up the memory, use the Task Manager app (for Creative ZiiO only) to close other apps that you are not currently using.

Better Video and Gaming Experience (for Creative ZiiO only)

For better performance when watching videos or playing games, make sure that the Power Saving feature is turned off. Go to Settings > Power Saving and clear the checkbox.


Date & Time

Many websites and applications may require you to have accurate date and time settings in order to have the best user experience. Please do so by going to Settings > Date & time.

The Power Button

  1. To turn on your device, press this button once.
  2. To turn off, press and hold, and tap Power off > OK.
  3. To set to sleep or wake up, press once.
  4. To reset your device if it stops responding, press and hold for at least 10 seconds.

Installing Third-Party Apps

Your device cannot be used to access or install apps directly from Google Play Store. Refer below for the four ways to install your Android apps. Remember to go to Settings > Applications and check the box titled: Unknown Sources - Allow install of non- Market applications. Please note that by doing so, you assume all responsibility and risk of using such apps.

4 quick and easy ways to install Android apps on Creative ZiiO & ZEN Touch 2

Applications - better known as just "apps" - are perhaps the most exciting things you can have on your ZiiO tablet, and the best part is most of them are free! Here's a simple step-by-step guide to help you find, download and install apps quickly and easily.

  • From this website (Wireless LAN required)

    1. Click here to browse featured apps.
    2. Click "Learn More" to get the app (from a third-party website).
    3. Install the app after it's downloaded
  • From your computer (via USB)

    1. Download .apk files (Android apps) from third-party websites
    2. Transfer the .apk files from your computer to your ZiiO via USB
    3. Run and install the apps
  • From an SD/microSD card

    1. Insert the SD/microSD card with .apk files into your ZiiO
    2. Run and install the apps
  • SlideME Application Manager Android app (Wireless LAN required)

    1. Download and install the SlideME Application Manager (SAM) here
    2. From SAM, you can view, download and purchase your desired Android apps