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Creative Phase Cap

The Creative Phase Cap is designed with 5.1 applications in mind, such as multichannel soundtrack and games. These soundtracks are mostly a mix of multi-layered sound fonts. Very often, you find yourself struggling to hear dialogue embedded in high-octane explosions and gunfire. The ability to single out mid to high frequencies is critical for this balance.

One a conventional loudspeaker, its cone promotes high frequency sound waves to collide at a focal point, which causes phase distortion and results in a loss in clarity - speeches are blurred, especially in the midst of other competing sound effects.

The Creative Phase Cap is a bullet-shaped extension that improves driver performance by deflecting delicate midrange audio out into the sound space and minimizing distortion-producing collisions.

Creative Phase Cap
Speakers featuring the Creative Phase Cap:
Inspire T6160
Inspire T6160 >>
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