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Image Focusing Plate (IFP)

With the Image Focusing Plate (IFP) incorporated in the speakers' satellites, it results in improved acoustic throw to the listening area while preserving tonal balance and accuracy.

Imagine yourself increasing the volume of your voice by cupping your hands around your mouth - the tone of your voice changes versus pre-cupping. Hence, although you improve the loudness and directivity to your intended audience, the tonal balance of your voice changes.

However, with the IFP, there is a "gentle flare" around the driver, improving its efficiency and directivity without affecting the tonal balance.

Image Focusing Plate (IFP)
Speakers featuring the Image Focusing Plate (IFP):
Inspire T6300
Inspire T6300 >>
Be inspired by high-performance 5.1 audio with impressive bass.
Inspire T6300
Inspire T3300 >>
High-performance 2.1 speaker system with amazing bass.
Inspire T3130
Inspire T3130 >>
Ideal for MP3 music listening and 2.1 applications.
Inspire T6160
Inspire T6160 >>
Be surrounded by realistic positioning audio with these 5.1 speakers.