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Acoustic Loaded Module (ALM)

How do you create BIG sound from a small pair of speakers? The Acoustic Loaded Module (ALM), introduced in the Creative I-Trigue 3600 and I-Trigue 5600, marks a departure from conventional ported satellite speaker design.

Inspired by the nature of the human intestine, sound waves are made to travel through multiple concentric chambers within a smaller area. This creates an equivalence of a longer port tube, thereby providing a more pronounced upper bass within a compact satellite speaker. Each acoustic module comprises of a central stem and several columns, each being concentric with the central stem. The result is a natural and "warmer" tonality satellite.

Speakers featuring Acoustic Loaded Module:
I-Trigue 3600
I-Trigue 3600 >>
Revolutionary 2.1 speakers with Acoustic Loaded Module Technology.