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NeoTitanium micro drivers

NeoTitanium micro drivers deliver exceptionally clear and accurate audio performance. Delicately crafted with Titanium, a precious metal used notably in spacecraft and expensive jewelry, and is driven by powerful Neodymium magnets. Carefully tuned by our audio engineers, the result is superior sound delivery when compared to common aluminum micro drivers.

Speakers featuring NeoTitanium micro driver:
I-Trigue 3000
I-Trigue 3000>>
Stylish desktop speakers with NeoTitanium drivers and compact subwoofer for performance and convenient placement
I-Trigue 2300
I-Trigue 2300>>
Premium desktop stereo speakers with NeoTitanium drivers and BasXPort for clear and distinct audio
TravelSound ZEN V
TravelSound ZEN V >>
One piece portable stereo speakers for your ZEN V and ZEN V Plus MP3 players
TravelSound 400
TravelSound 400 >>
Versatile travel speakers with NeoTitanium drivers, Wide Stereo Effect and ingenious swivel design