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The T-Effect is a unique tweeter design in the front satellite speakers that brings unprecedented audio performance to this class, and consists of the following:

Two-way satellite speaker design
Each sonically refined front satellite speaker features an expressive tweeter and a high-performance mid-range driver to recreate that realistic entertainment moment - be it a 'live' musical or a gripping gaming session. It perfectly integrates vocals and instruments to deliver balanced and accurate playback along with a wider soundstage in all your entertainment scenarios.

The Inspire T-series tweeter is a dedicated driver for reproducing the higher-end of the audible frequency spectrum, thus delivering more intimate and detailed high notes. Seamlessly complementing the mid-range driver, it adds just the right amount of presence to your music, allowing you to savor more natural and convincing playback.

Speakers featuring T-Effect:
Inspire T7900
Inspire T7900 >>
7.1 surround speakers with tweeters for great sonic accuracy.
Inspire T6060
Inspire T6060 >>
Unparalleled style and performance for 5.1 surround gaming and movies with audio fidelity.
Inspire T3030
Inspire T3030 >>
Elegant 2.1 speaker system with T-series tweeter for dynamic bass and rich audio playback