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Creative D200
How To
Connecting BT-D5 Bluetooth transmitter (for 30-pin iPod/iPhone/iPad) to Creative wireless speakers

Overview of BT-D5

Overview of BT-D5 A: Bluetooth Transmitter
To be used with iPhone/iPod/iPad.

B: Transmitter LED Status Indicator
Blue LED blinks at different intervals to indicate wireless link status

C: CONNECT button
Press and hold this to initiate various Wireless Transmitter pairing activities
To pair and connect

To begin enjoying high performance wireless music on your iPhone, iPod or iPad, follow the following steps.

a) Set your respective speaker* / device** into pairing mode

* ZiiSound D5 for illustration only.
Optimized for use with the ZiiSound D5, Inspire S2 Wireless, Creative D100 and Creative D200 Bluetooth Speakers

** For other Bluetooth compliant devices, please refer to your manufacturer's user manual on how to put your device into pairing mode to accept connections.
b) Insert the BT-D5 to your iPhone, iPod or iPad

c) Press and hold the CONNECT Button for 3 seconds, then release to enter pairing mode
d) Put both devices close to each other

To disconnect from the BT-D5
Simply plug out the BT-D5 from your iPhone, iPod or iPad

To switch between paired Bluetooth devices
Simply press the CONNECT button once with the receiving Bluetooth device ready to accept connection.

Note: The next receiving Bluetooth device should be paired to the BT-D5 prior to the above operation.