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Creative D100
How To
Connecting BT-D1 Bluetooth transmitter (USB) to Creative wireless speakers

Overview of BT-D1

Overview of BT-D1 A: LED Status Indicator
Indicate the current status of the USB Bluetooth Transmitter

B: CONNECT button
A multi function button used to perform pairing and disconnection
To pair and connect

To begin enjoying high performance wireless music from your computer, follow the below steps.

a) Insert BT-D1 into your computer USB port

b) Wait for computer to install hardware

c) Put your respective speaker* / device** into pairing mode

* ZiiSound D5 for illustration only.
Optimized for use with the ZiiSound D5, Inspire S2 Wireless, Creative D100 and Creative D200 Bluetooth Speakers

** For other Bluetooth compliant devices, please refer to your manufacturer's user manual on how to put your device into pairing mode to accept connections.
d) Put the BT-D1 into pairing mode for pairing

Press and hold button B for 3-4 seconds then release.
e) Wait for automatic pairing to complete. When the LED status shows a Connected LED pattern, it is ready to stream music from computer.

For Mac® OS:
a) Go to "System Preferences",
choose "Sound"
b) Choose the Output tab, select
"Creative Bluetooth Audio D1"