Simply the best wireless audio on the go

Good things usually come in small packages, and that's definitely the case for the ZEN X-Fi3. Equipped with the aptX™ codec for superior Bluetooth® transmission, as well as X-Fi technology, which restores rich detail and retains high level of clarity for audio tracks, this stylishly-designed player delivers undoubtedly the best wireless audio while you're on the move.

ZEN X-Fi3 supports a dizzying range of audio formats, including FLAC files - for the die-hard lossless audio fans - in addition to other more common audio formats. The player comes with a video output so you can enjoy your movies and photos with family and friends in big-screen comfort. Its Bluetooth wireless connectivity lets you easily connect to compatible stereo Bluetooth speakers and headphones such as the ZiiSound D5x and Creative WP-350.

Following Creative's latest range of MP3 players, this pocket-friendly MP3 player also features responsive touch keys for easy navigation and playback control, as well as a microSD card slot to store additional media. The integrated FM radio lets you keep up with the latest music hits and news updates.

X-Fi technology

Unbeatable X-Fi Performance

You'll never have to suffer through muddy music again with the ZEN X-Fi3! X-Fi Crystalizer intelligently restores lost detail during file compression, letting you enjoy your music in amazing clarity. X-Fi Expand technology virtually expands a conventional left/right earphone stereo source away from your ears, giving you a more acoustically natural sound staging in headphone audio.
Lossless audio

Wide Audio Support including lossless audio

Enjoy your music even more in FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) format. The player also supports non-protected AAC (.M4A) files from iTunes Plus® besides the usual MP3, WMA (DRM9), Audible Format 4 and Audible AAX formats.
aptX codec

High performance wireless audio

The built-in aptX* codec enables superior wireless Bluetooth transmission (that's as good as a wired connection) when ZEN X-Fi3 is used with Bluetooth headphones and speakers with aptX codec support.

*aptX is a trademark of CSR plc

Make the hassle of wires a thing of the past

Stream music wirelessly to any compatible stereo Bluetooth-enabled device and enjoy music anywhere. Pair the ZEN X-Fi3 with Creative's range of wireless speakers and headphones for excellent audio quality.
Expandable memory

Expandable Memory

Enjoy more music and photos with a microSD card slot that lets you add up to 32GB of media in addition to the player's built-in memory.
Ride the airwaves with FM Radio

Ride the airwaves with FM Radio

Be on top of the music scene and get the latest news with the integrated FM radio. Take your pick from the player's 32 customizable station presets.
Navigate via touch buttons

Touch-responsive navigation

Navigate the features of the player and control media playback easily with the intuitive touch buttons.
Video out to TV

Watch movies on the big screen

Enjoy movies or share images with your family and friends, when you connect ZEN X-Fi3 to a TV via the player's video output (A/V cable sold separately).

Add a subwoofer to your modular speaker wirelessly

  • So you want more bass in your music and movies? It’s time to bring on the big guns.
  • Add on the ZiiSound DSx wireless subwoofer to your solo ZiiSound D5x modular speaker configuration.
  • See how easy it is to set it up when Ben’s cousins come to visit him.
  • The ZiiSound DSx supports the ZiiSound D3x as well. It’s just as easy!

Wirelessly add another modular speaker to the mix

  • It’s now time to up the game.
  • While the subwoofer helps with the thunderous lows and explosions, the ideal experience for a movie is to hear distinct audio channels and we have just that, wirelessly of course.
  • Let’s see how Ben and his cousins link an additional ZiiSound D5x to the setup, making it a 2.1 configuration. The two ZiiSound D5x speakers will play dedicated Left and Right channels while the subwoofer handles the lows.

Get the party started!

  • Add yet another ZiiSound D5x to make it the ultimate entertainment speaker system!
  • Select “Party” mode to entertain your guests with perfectly synchronized music, with up to three ZiiSound D5x speakers blasting the same song in unison, and the subwoofer delivering the all-important bass.

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