Full-range Audio for the Space-conscious

BasXPort Technology is the answer to getting good audio with decent bass from a 2.0 speaker system.

For all city dwellers, cramped living spaces are nothing new, in fact, it is a growing trend that looks set to stay. Hence, our houses might not have room for a 2.1 (or higher) system. Yet as audiophiles, we want a good, solid speaker system to go with our house.

So, the burning question is, how do we get good audio with decent bass from a 2.0 speaker system?

Decent bass from a full-range 2.0 speaker system

There is more than one answer to that question. One of which, is to incorporate the BasXPort into our satellites.

The BasXPort extends the low frequency cut-off point by acoustically tuning the woofer and enclosure so as to optimise the output of the port. This design not only improves the bass extension of the loudspeaker but increases its overall loudness.

Adios, port turbulence!

As you play your audio loudly, there will be high-velocity air rushing in and out of the port tube. For port tubes with sharp edges, there will be pressure build-up at the outlet, which results in annoyingly loud “turbulence”. This greatly compromises the quality of the bass reproduced. Taking that into consideration, the BasXPort is externally flared with the edges of the outlet smoothened, so you can play your audio as loud as you want, with the port turbulence reduced to the minimum.

Hear it for yourself

Experience the thumping bass by BasXPort for yourself today. The BasXPort is incorporated in Creative T30 Wireless and Creative T15 Wireless.