5 Reasons to go Wireless with your Audio

If you're wondering whether you should make the switch from a wired speaker or headset to a wireless equivalent, here are five clever reasons why you actually should.

Wireless technology today is becoming a viable alternative in how we experience our music everyday.

Just visit your local electronics store and it’s very likely that you will see a noticeable increase in the range of wireless speakers and headphones available on the shelves.

This recent phenomenon is due to the wide incorporation of Bluetooth technology into all major smart device brands – which allows for the streaming of music without wires to Bluetooth-enabled speakers and headsets.

Another major contributing factor is that Bluetooth technology has developed to the point where it is able to deliver high-quality audio on-par with its wired counterparts.

Here at Creative, we have filled our product-mix with wide range of wireless-enabled headphones and speakers packed with clever features that will enable you to experience the highest quality audio for music and communication wirelessly in the most hassle-free way.

So right now, if you’re at that place where you’re wondering whether you should make the switch from a wired speaker or headset to a wireless equivalent, then here are some great reasons why you actually should:

1. No More Tangled Wires

With a wireless headset you no longer have to contend with tangled wires and getting your headphones ripped out of ear when it gets caught on something while you’re commuting!

2. No More Complex Connections

With a wireless speaker you no longer have to go through the hassle of connecting complex wired connections found in a traditional sound system. In fact, the only wire you'll most probably need to connect is the power chord; and if your wireless speaker comes with a built-in battery, you won't even have to worry about that!

3. NFC Technology

With Near Field Communication technology becomes even more amazing! All you need to do is tap your NFC-enabled smart phone to a compatible Creative speaker -- like the Airwave HD -- or headphone and you’re connected within seconds!

4. Modular Wireless Technology

Imagine speakers so flexible, you could add more and more of them to form any speaker configuration you want wirelessly. This clever little concept is called Modularity and they’re found in Creative’s DxM series of speakers.

5. ShareMe™ Technology

This advanced technology allows two listeners of ShareMe-enabled Creative wireless headsets – like the Aurvana Platinum and Aurvana Gold – to easily link the two headsets wirelessly to a single smart device and share their audio simultaneously – ideal for simultaneous listening to a podcast or audio book, or watching a movie together during a long commute.

Clever Audio

While other companies bicker among themselves over who produces the best audio quality, we work hard to give you clever audio - we utilize the latest technology in clever ways so you get audio products that punch well above their weight.