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Crystal clear communication

CrystalVoice™ features innovative technologies that are specially designed to deliver the best vocal fidelity, so that you express yourself to others and be heard crystal clear in video conferencing, multiplayer games and online chats.

• CrystalVoice Acoustic Echo Cancellation
Eliminate echoes that interfere with your conversation

CrystalVoice Acoustic Echo Cancellation eliminates echoes and enables the speaker to listen to the other party clearly. Echoes are a common problem present in voice communication systems that disrupts conversations by making it difficult to hear the other party.

• CrystalVoice Noise Reduction
Eliminate unwanted background noise in your conversations

CrystalVoice Noise Reduction enables the speaker to be heard clearly over background noise by constantly monitoring the environment and eliminate the unwanted noise that interferes with the conversation.

• CrystalVoice Focus (Beamforming)
Suppress noise outside your zone and be heard with amazing clarity

CrystalVoice Focus creates a zone and suppresses noise outside it to enable the speaker within to be heard with amazing clarity. Multiple microphones are used to focus, enhance the speaker's voice, and eliminate sounds outside the zone.

• CrystalVoice Smart Volume
Be heard clearly without having to shout or whisper

CrystalVoice Smart Volume automatically adjusts the loudness of the speaker's voice to maintain a consistent volume level. This makes it convenient for the speaker to converse normally, regardless of whether the speaker is close to or far away from the microphone.

• CrystalVoice FX
Morph your voice into different characters and accents

CrystalVoice FX enables the speaker's voice to be altered with a variety of effects, which can be used to enhance the tone of the speaker's voice, create interesting accents, or to sound like a completely different person.

• CrystalVoice EQ
Improve microphone performance and quality of your voice

CrystalVoice EQ enables adjustment of the frequency response to compensate for poor microphone performance and improve the quality of the speaker's voice.

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