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Sound Blaster X-Fi MB
The Sound Blaster X-Fi MB solution provides premium audio quality, effects and features for PC systems equipped with only basic onboard audio.

For gamers, the EAX® ADVANCED HD 4.0, with its state-of-the-art Multi-Environment rendering and reverb modelling, delivers a much more realistic and immersive 3D gaming experience than your motherboard audio ever will.

In addition, X-Fi Crystalizer adds dynamics and punch to every gunshot, explosion and music track while X-Fi CMSS-3D provides an incredibly realistic surround sound experience from just a pair of stereo headphones.

Due to changes in Windows Vista's DirectSound3D implementation, certain legacy DirectSound3D games will have its audio compromised, resulting in only stereo output without any effects.

Creative ALchemy is a powerful tool that restores the EAX effects and full surround sound when running these DirectSound3D games in Windows Vista so that you can enjoy true 3D interactive gaming again.

Native OpenAL support is a cross-platform 3D Audio API used by many games and music applications developers to deliver superb 3D audio simulation. Since the Sound Blaster MB includes native OpenAL support, you can be assured of an incredible 3D audio experience on many PC game titles.

For music lovers, the X-Fi Crystalizer can restore the details and vibrance, (lost during the compression process) back to your mp3/wma. Also, X-Fi CMSS-3D gives a whole new, 3D-surround sound dimension to your existing stereo music. Other audio effects such as EAX® reverbs, Smart Volume Management and a 10-band graphic equalizer allows you to enhance your music even more. All essential audio effects and controls are conveniently placed in a central and intuitive console.

In addition, a suite of cool software is included to cater to all your music needs, whether it is managing gigabytes of music, singing karaoke or just simple audio editing.

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Powerful cutting-edge audio engine with a comprehensive suite of tools backed by leading technology and algorithms in audio.
A new world of cinematic audio that brings unprecedented levels of audio realism, dynamics and punch to every gunshot, explosion and gaming sound.
Realistic and immersive audio experience, featuring Multi-Channel Speaker Calibration and professionally-tuned profiles.
Designed to bring the same great audio experience found in live performances, films, and recording studios.
Get ultra-immersive realism and detail with Sound Blaster X-Fi MB5 premium gaming audio, effects and features for PC.
Cutting-edge audio technology, providing a new level of audio immersion with SBX Pro Studio
A powerful audio platform equipped with cutting-edge audio technology and THX TruStudio Pro
High-end software solution for the more discerning user seeking an X-Fi experience
Audio solution that offers respectable sound quality, EAX3.0/4.0 and a user experience beyond that of basic motherboard audio

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