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CA20K2 Mini Module

The 20K2 digital audio processor is based on the 20K1 architecture and accelerates OpenAL 3D audio, X-Fi CMSS-3D, X-Fi Crytalizer and other advanced X-Fi audio processing. The 20K2 uses an advanced PCI Express (PCIe) one-lane interface and adds an embedded RISC processor to safeguard against control latencies introduced by the PCIe interface. The 20K2 also expands the audio I/O capabilities and upgrades the SDRAM interface to DDR for increased local memory bandwidth. In addition, The 20K2 incorporates a High Definition audio architecture (UAA) component.

Key Features

PCI Express 1.1 interface
Sample Rate Converter engine
Digital Filter engine
Digital delay line accelerator ("tank engine")
Audio Mixer
Microprogrammable "Quartet" audio DSP
DDR SDRAM interface
Parameter Generator/Mixer
High Definition Audio component
Embedded RISC control processor
24-bit Digital Audio I/O
8 Audio Input and 8 Audio Output interfaces (I2S, I4S, I8S I16S, S/PDIF or CDIF)
Up to 128 channels of audio input and 128 channels of audio output
Sample rates supported include 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 192 and 384kHz

X-Fi Audio ModuleCompact module ideal for car audio applications, speaker designs and other customized embedded solutions
CA20K2 Mini ModuleMIDI synthesizer

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