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Sound Core3D™ is the next generation multi-core Sound and Voice processor for accelerating advanced audio and voice processing technologies. Its low-power and energy efficient design makes it ideal to deliver High Definition audio quality and superior performance in stationary and portable entertainment devices.

The Sound Core3D processor powers :-
  • CrystalVoice™ that is designed to deliver the best vocal fidelity so that you can be heard crystal clear in video conferencing, multi-player games and online chats.
  • SBX Pro Studio™ suite of audio playback technologies deliver a new level of audio immersion. Realistic surround sound, the ability to clearly hear specific sounds in a gaming environment are just a few elements of SBX Pro Studio that enhances the overall experience, be it movies, games or music.
  • Audio toolbox algorithms including 10-band graphic EQ, bass management, speaker calibration, limiter, reverb and a pitch shifter.

Sound Core3D press release

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