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The EMU8030 chip is a high quality integrated music synthesis and effects processing solution using the E-MU10K2.5 audio processor core. The EMU8030 has the capability to support 128 channels of 24-bit wavetable synthesis with state of the art programmable effects processing for your most demanding embedded audio synthesis and effects applications. The chip features are as follows:

  • Audio processor (E-MU10K2.5 core) with 128-channel 16 or 24 bit wavetable synthesis.
  • Support for up to 128Mb SoundFont memory for wavetable synthesis using FLASH ROM memory.
  • Each audio channel employs E-Mu's patented 8 point interpolation algorithm.
  • Each audio channel can be routed to any four of sixty four summing effects input busses.
  • Mixing engine that ramps four accumulating destinations per sound engine voice.
  • A very powerful DSP processor capable of a wide variety of very high quality environmental and special effects.
  • On-chip sample delay memory for short delay lines.
  • Off-chip sample delay memory of up to 2MB external "tank" delay using SDRAM for long delay lines.
  • 4 stereo 24-bit I2S outputs operating at programmable output rate of 48 or 96kHz sample rate
  • 4 stereo 24-bit S/PDIF outputs operating at programmable output rate of 48 or 96kHz sample rate
  • 1 stereo I2S 24-bit input with SRC
  • 2 input serial MIDI UART ports
  • 2 output serial MIDI UART ports
  • 1 emulated MPU-401 parallel UART port
  • 1 I2C interface
  • Integrated 80186 Controller with 32K internal memory
  • 64-channel serial E-MU32 digital inputs
  • 64-channel serial E-MU32 digital outputs
  • 4 GPIO pins
  • 208 pin plastic LQFP package

Download Datasheet (Size: 113KB)

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