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The CA20K1 VLSI chip is a high performance digital audio processor designed to accelerate digital audio processing. This is Creative's newest class of PCI audio product which includes a complete audio recording and playback system interfaced via the PCI bus. The CA20K1 contains several special-purpose processing units, including:

  • Sample rate converter engine
  • Digital delay line accelerator ("tank engine")
  • Digital filter engine
  • A powerful mixer
  • Microprogrammable audio DSP
  • Various digital I/O capabilities
  • Bus mastering external memory interfaces.

Unlike the host interface control port the bus mastering "audio transport" supports burst mode accesses to the PCI and SDRAM interfaces.

Download Datasheet (Size: 211KB)

CA0111X-Fi driven PCI audio chip
CA0110X-Fi driven PCI Express audio chip
CA20K1Top of the line X-Fi driven PCI audio chip with built-in DSP
CA0112Companion PCI chip with UAA core logic for CA20K1
CA20K2Next generation top of the line X-Fi driven PCI Express audio chip with built-in DSP
EMU8030MIDI synthesizer
DA255X-Fi driven DSP ideal for portable and CE devices
CA0189USB 2.0 audio chip

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