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CA0189 is a highly-integrated, high-performance system-on-chip designed specifically for a range of lower end, cost-sensitive audio products. CA0189 provides more features and performance than any other available solution, at the lowest possible system cost. In addition, due to the use of an industry-standard processor, a wide range of off-the-shelf software is immediately available.


  • 98.304 MHz ARCtangent A-5 RISC processor:
    • 8 Kb 4-way set associative instruction cache
    • 8 Kb load-store data ram
    • 2 Kb data cache
    • 32x32 fast hardware multiplier
    • 32-bit barrel shifter
    • JTAG debug port
  • 8-channel DMA controller
  • Extensive audio I/O support:
    • Dual switched XDIF (S/PDIF or C/DIF) inputs which support up to 96 KHz. programmable 20 or 24-bit audio word, w/HW sample rate tracking support, and NRZ user bit decoding.
    • Quad XDIF (S/PDIF or C/DIF) outputs which support 44.1, 48, 96 and 192kHz, programmable 20 or 24-bit audio word
    • 6 I2S inputs which supports 48, 96 and 192kHz, 24-bit (two of these inputs are muxed with GPIOs)
    • 6 I2S outputs which support 48, 96, and 192kHz 24-bit (two of these outputs are muxed with GPIOs)
  • VUSB-HS USB 2.0 Device controller:
    • USB 1.1 backwards-compatible
    • 480 Mbits/second peak data rate
    • Embedded UTMI PHY
  • 80 Kbytes on-chip scratchpad RAM
  • 90 Kbytes on-chip program ROM
  • Peripheral and Memory Bus I/F:
    • 16-bit data bus
    • 22-bit address bus
    • 3 chip selects, each with 2 Mb address range
    • RDY input for asynchronous peripheral interface
  • Sample-rate conversion engine:
    • Integrated DMA engine
    • Auto-loading and storing of parameters
    • 8-tap FIR, 4x IIR downsampling
  • IR remote control interface:
    • Creative-compatible IR receiver
    • Software-driven decoder for maximum flexibility
  • 2 SPI interfaces
    • For control of D/As, A/Ds, ext. FM tuner, etc.
  • 2 ARCtangent interrupt timer/counters:
    • Programmable interrupt rate
  • 20 General-Purpose I/Os (GPIO):
    • 12 dedicated GPIO pins plus 8 additional muxed GPIO pins, described below
    • Individually programmable as input or output
    • 3 inputs can generate an interrupt to ARC
    • 4 GPIOs can be configured to operate as two EMU64 data-in and two data-out pins
    • 4 GPIOs can be configured to operate as two I2S inputs and two I2S outputs, bringing the total number of I2S interfaces up to six
  • 5x5 matrix switch array support with no external hardware necessary, or 18x16 matrix switch array support with external shift registers required
    • Programmable hardware de-bounce
    • Support for 88 velocity-sensitive MIDI keys (with external shift registers)
  • 2 RS-232 UARTs
  • EMU64 serial audio data module capable of transmitting and receiving up to 64 channels of 24-bit audio data sampled at 48 kHz to an external effects engine or DSP
  • Internal glitchless clock mux to select between one of three possible PLL reference clocks:
    • 24.576MHz oscillator for native 48kHz operation
    • 22.579MHz oscillator for native 44.1kHz operation
    • external S/PDIF clock source

CA0111X-Fi driven PCI audio chip
CA0110X-Fi driven PCI Express audio chip
CA20K1Top of the line X-Fi driven PCI audio chip with built-in DSP
CA0112Companion PCI chip with UAA core logic for CA20K1
CA20K2Next generation top of the line X-Fi driven PCI Express audio chip with built-in DSP
EMU8030MIDI synthesizer
DA255X-Fi driven DSP ideal for portable and CE devices
CA0189USB 2.0 audio chip

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