MSI Big Bang-Trinergy

Through long-standing development and with much energy, MSI formed the state-of-the-art gaming line inspired by the mighty Big Bang. Unique and innovative, the all-new Big Bang series will deliver the shock and awe of unprecedented gaming experience and expand into its own collection of galaxies. This begins the new era of ultimate gaming machines.

Big Bang gaming motherboard features Quantum Wave™ audio processing, combining THX TruStudio PC with Creative EAX® ADVANCED HD™ 5.0 to deliver the most powerful and realistic gaming audio performance available from any motherboard.

Featuring THX TruStudio PC created by THX, Quantum Wave™ can deliver the fullest audio experience for games, music and movies while remaining true to the source and intention of the artists who created it.

EAX® stands for Environmental Audio eXtensions and is a programming interface that allows developers to access the special features of Sound Blaster® cards. Compared to the previous generations, the latest EAX 5.0 allows users to have more realistic and incredibly immersive audio to games!


  • Quantum Wave™ Audio Processing
  • THX TruStudio PC
  • 100% Hi-c Cap
  • OC Genie: Auto OC to boost performance in 1 sec
  • SuperPipe: Advanced 8mm Copper Heat-Pipe, An Outstanding Cooling Experience

Company Details

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Company Details

Founded in 1986, MSI has always strived to provide digital products based on its core values -"Innovation" and "Style. " This led MSI to become one of the finest brands in the industry with accumulated sales in more than 120 countries, 150 million mainboard users and 100 million graphics card users worldwide. It has also brought MSI the world-renowned product design awards and nearly 8,000 award recognitions from 350 media in 50 countries worldwide. Embracing 25 years of experience in design and manufacturing, MSI mainboard and graphics card have become one of the top 3 in the world. Next to motherboard and graphics cards, the company also specializes in the design and manufacture of notebooks, barebones, server/workstations, industrial and consumer electronic products.