Aurvana Brand

The Aurvana Brand

Art of Listening

Conceptualized from extensive design research and usability testing, each Aurvana headset aims to heighten the senses of its listener. Incorporating decades of uncompromised acoustics heritage, its immaculate rendition of music and sounds never fails to move heartstrings. Cradled with unsurpassed craftsmanship, an Aurvana experience truly goes beyond words.

We invite you to experience these masterpieces to complement your discerning taste in life’s finer things.

Be captivated now in the art of listening.


As the signature series of Creative’s premium headsets and earphones range, each Aurvana is innovatively conceptualized, assembled with choice material, components and finishing, and meticulously tested by a field of acoustics and ergonomics experts.

Stylish design, precise performance and luxurious comfort – hallmarks behind each Aurvana product. Experience true audio nirvana in every sense of the word.

1. Research
Extensive research is undertaken to find out the latest listening, usage and technology trends in the market. This information is then used to conceptualize models suited to the needs of today’s customers.

2. Design
Each Aurvana product is uniquely designed by a team of experienced industrial designers using the latest and most cutting-edge technology available in the audio world today.

3. Development
Using advanced design and prototyping software and equipment, all ergonomic factors are analyzed effectively before producing the models. Developed in tandem with our engineering and marketing teams, the Aurvana headsets and earphones designs are then fleshed into exciting, dynamic audio wear.

4. Testing
Our team of acoustics and ergonomics professionals tests the products rigorously to ensure they deliver the most accurate audio performance while offering a comfortable fit for extended use. These acoustics measurements rely on industry-leading equipment such as Brüel & Kjær Head and Torso Simulator (HATS), precise audio analyzer and anechoic chamber – giving you the best that you deserve.