Hear only the good stuff – and that’s precisely what you get with every pair of Creative headsets and earphones. Here’s why.

Clever design

We know how important your music is to you and so we have stopped at nothing to make sure you get the most out of your music listening experience. With meticulous engineering and rigorous product testing, you’re assured of exceptional quality with every pair of headsets.

Clever Audio

Creative utilizes the latest technology in clever ways so that you get audio products that punch well above their weight in terms of audio fidelity, at amazing value.

Clever Usage

Here at Creative, we strive to provide audio solutions to fit right into your life, simplifying it in clever ways. Explore the wide range of Creative headsets that’s available and find one that’s just right for you.


Creative headsets have received many positive reviews and awards for their audio quality. You cannot go wrong with headsets that have been scrutinized by expert reviewers.

Aurvana Gold

... for the price point its premium, it looks snazzy and sounds great. With the option to go wire free I would be using it for all my commuting or in the office when I need to really focus on tasks in hand; the headband fits just perfectly, it doesn’t feel to tight neither does it come loose. - GadgetsBoy

Aurvana Live!2

The sound is lush and sparkly. I think if you loved the first Aurvana Live!, you’ll love the new version. Creative Aurvana Live!2 took what Aurvana Live!’s good at and improved upon it. – Head-Fi


The Creative WP-450 headsets are reasonably priced on-ear Bluetooth headsets with a built-in microphone for making calls and an 8-hour battery life. They offer comparably good sound quality for Bluetooth headsets. – CNET


Taking advantage of all the latest Bluetooth audio codecs, they are one of the best sounding Bluetooth headsets we have had the pleasure of testing. – Tech Bargains

Aurvana Air

The most important aspect of any pair of headsets is undoubtedly sound quality — and the Aurvana Air earphones won’t let you down. – Good Gear Guide

Aurvana In-Ear3

...when it comes to sheer audio quality, I have not yet come across an in ear at the same price point which can compete alongside the Aurvana In Ear 3. This should be considered a top contender for audiophiles and music lovers looking to not exceed the price of their iPod on a great set of in ears. Truly magnificent work from Creative Labs! – headsets.com


...the earpieces are designed to sit firmly in place, with an earplug style tip that sits firmly in your ear canal... The earphones did a better job of picking up a Bluetooth signal from our iPod than some rivals, suffering no drop-outs, even when we had our MP3 player in our trouser pocket rather than on an arm strap... Their audio quality is acceptable, if not astonishingly good, and they’re comfortable to wear. – Expert Reviews


The HN-900 is certainly better than meager—it can handle deep bass without distorting (unlike far more expesnive pairs...) and with the noise cancellation engaged, it definitely has more oomph than you'd expect from a $100 pair with active noise cancellation... – PC Mag