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Creative Announces Innovative PlayChinese™ Pedagogy System with the New ZiiO Shenbi Tablet and Content Applications that Make Mastering the Chinese Language Fun and Easy

ZiiO Shenbi with MagicPens
ZiiO Shenbi with MagicPens

SINGAPORE - 8 March 2011 - Creative Technology Ltd. today announced the PlayChinese™ Pedagogy System, featuring the new ZiiO Shenbi tablet and content applications that make mastering the Chinese language a fun and easy experience. The Chief Architect of the PlayChinese™ Pedagogy System is Sim Wong Hoo, CEO of Creative. He leads the way in pioneering a new pedagogy that will revolutionise the way people approach the Chinese language, helping to eliminate fear of the language and enabling people to master Chinese through fun and play.

The PlayChinese Pedagogy System is the direct result of Creative's cutting-edge digital technologies combined with its vast knowledge in the field of Chinese language education. Sim, who was English-educated, discovered long ago that the greatest obstacle to mastering Chinese is the fear of the language. The PlayChinese Pedagogy System is designed to help eliminate this fear and unlock the ability to master Chinese through these four key pillars:

  • ZiiO Shenbi tablet - all-new handwriting enabled Android-based tablet pre-installed with Sim's revolutionary PlayChinese software and a whole host of Magicware applications, together with fanciful colour MagicPens
  • iFlashbook online learning portal
  • WaWaYaYa children's educational content
  • ZiiBoook - the online library with access to over 1 million books, plus 3D flipping software and unique collaborative sharing technologies

HansVision, a Chinese productivity software, is the super-pillar that enables anyone to enhance their proficiency level in Chinese with minimal effort. Other features of the PlayChinese Pedagogy System include the PlayChinese 14-book series in hardcopies, the PlayChinese Magic Cards and other Magicware.

The PlayChinese Pedagogy System promises a "no tests, no stress" approach to mastering the language. Anyone, regardless of proficiency level, can master the Chinese language through this fun and easy system. A PlayChinese Marathon Contest will be launched at the inaugural Creative PlayChinese Expo where Sim will offer up to S$2 million in cash out of his own pocket as prize money, and participants can win up to a total of S$3 million in cash and prizes. Contest terms and conditions apply.

The PlayChinese Pedagogy System will be on showcase at the Creative PlayChinese Expo during the period of 11 - 20 March 2011, from 12noon - 9pm, at Creative Resource in International Business Park. The Creative PlayChinese Expo is a 10-day long festival of innovative technologies, dynamic content and exciting showcases that are the culmination of years of research in innovative technologies.

For more information on the PlayChinese Pedagogy System, please visit

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