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Creative Introduces WebCam Live! Ultra and WebCam Live! Ultra for Notebooks - The Only Web Cameras That Feature Both True USB 2.0 Speed And Wide-Angle Lens

WebCam Live! Ultra and WebCam Live! Ultra for Notebooks Deliver Superior Video Instant Messaging Experience

Singapore - April 12, 2005 - Creative (NASDAQ: CREAF), a worldwide leader in digital entertainment solutions, today announced the next generation of video instant messaging with the only web cameras with true USB 2.0 support and wide-angle lens, priced for only US$89.99 each. Ideal for broadband users, both the Creative WebCam Live! Ultra and the Creative WebCam Live! Ultra for Notebooks incorporate true high-speed USB 2.0 for delivering crisp, high-resolution video at up to twice the video frame rates of USB 1.1 cameras.

Both models feature a wide-angle lens to capture digital video with a 76° field of view, almost 50 percent wider than the 52° view typically offered by competing web cameras. With a precision focus ring to refine image clarity, the Live! Ultra and the Live! Ultra for Notebooks feature a high-quality CCD image sensor for delivering more vibrant video and crisper images, even in low light conditions, than with the CMOS sensors used in most competing web cameras.

"Only Creative utilizes true USB 2.0 for a lifelike video instant messaging experience with saturated colors and faster frames per second, unlike some competitors who confuse consumers by offering USB 1.1 cameras that connect to a USB 2.0 connector, yet only deliver half the frame rate," said Joseph Liow, vice president and general manager of Creative Labs Asia. "The WebCam Live! Ultra and the Live! Ultra for Notebooks deliver smooth video instant messaging on all the major instant messaging services so that you can keep in touch with friends and family all over the world."

With a high-gloss titanium finish, the WebCam Live! Ultra series are a stylish addition to any desktop or notebook computer. For use with a desktop PC, the Live! Ultra can be placed on any flat surface, like a traditional PC monitor, or can be easily affixed to a flat panel monitor. The Live! Ultra for Notebooks features a PowerGrip attachment for secure placement on a notebook display, unlike the flimsy hooks used on some competing notebook web cameras.

Creative has capitalized on widespread broadband adoption and the popularity of video instant messaging to drive strong webcam sales. The Creative WebCam Notebook has been the best-selling notebook web camera for more than seven months in the U.S. Creative market share in the U.S. for webcams reached 30 percent in 2004 with key product introductions such as the Creative WebCam NX Ultra, also featuring a wide-angle lens and a hands-free headset.

All Creative web cameras work seamlessly with popular instant messaging software, including Yahoo!® Messenger, AIM, MSN® Messenger, and Windows® Messenger, and come with a dedicated, high-quality microphone or headset to provide superior voice quality and clarity during video instant messaging. Creative's exclusive multi-person Smart Face Tracking feature enables the camera to recognize and track the motion of one or more people during video instant messaging. Creative's family of web cameras include the comprehensive, easy-to-use Creative WebCam Center software for taking snapshots, remote video security monitoring, motion detection, time-lapse video, and sending photos via Yahoo! Messenger.

The Creative WebCam Live! Ultra is available now for only US$89.99 in Asia through all Creative's retail outlets. The WebCam Live! Ultra for Notebooks, also priced at only US$89.99, will be available later this month. For more information about Creative web cameras, please visit

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