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Outstanding results with Dolby Digital and 5.1 content, plus competitive pricing, make these speakers the ideal choice for users who want a high-impact audio experience at minimal cost.

Creative (Nasdaq: CREAF) the worldwide leader in digital entertainment products for the personal computer and the Internet, announces Creative® Inspire 5.1 5100 speakers. Designed to maintain the reputation of the Inspire range for exceptional audio delivery, they offer users a genuine Dolby® Digital 5.1-channel audio experience when connected to 5.1 sound cards such as the Sound Blaster Audigy, Sound Blaster Extigy or Sound Blaster Live! They are the ideal partners for PC-based entertainment such as gaming, multi-channel audio and DVD movies. An ideal choice for first-time multi-channel users, they also give enhanced 5.1 sound quality with EAX® Advanced HD and Microsoft® DirectSound® 3D supported content.

The 5 satellite speakers in this new system extend the Inspire range design principles. Powerful and finished in black, their advanced design includes unique contours which project sound in the optimum pattern at 6 Watts RMS per channel, while special amplifiers ensure smooth, natural, surround sound. The compact, powered cube-style wood subwoofer pumps out 12 Watts RMS of solid, booming bass. The entire system offers a frequency response from 44Hz to 20kHz ensuring outstanding results with any audio content and a 'real life' listening experience for the user.

Creative  has designed a complete ownership experience into these speakers. From the  moment the user opens the box, everything is made quick and easy to set-up and  operate. All cables are supplied and within minutes the user will be impressed  by new levels of detail and clarity in music or other entertainment, as well as  enjoying greater excitement in games of all kinds. An ergonomically-designed  remote volume control with power on/off LED indicator comes as standard, adding  the final touches of comfort and refinement.

"These speakers are the ideal introduction to 5.1 channel sound for users who are ready to move up to a more powerful, involving audio platform," says Leonardo Colucci, Brand Manager for Speakers with Creative Labs Europe.

"Their looks complement their performance," he adds. "They are compact and elegant and will enhance any setting … And when they start to play, listeners will be amazed that so much impact and reality can be achieved at such a competitive price!"