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January 2016

Creative unleashed the X-Fi® Sonic Carrier. Personifying the audio of tomorrow, the groundbreaking, extravagantly crafted carrier system is a brand new concept in hi-res audio and video, with Dolby Atmos®, Creative SuperWide X-Fi™, and multiple state-of-the-art technologies in a beautiful sleek one-piece system. The X-Fi Sonic Carrier combines the ultimate 15.2 world of super wide extreme fidelity and the most immersive 3D audio experience - the best of both worlds in home theater and high-end audio. Delivering a mind-boggling 1000W RMS of brute power with an exquisite hell-shattering 600W RMS wireless subwoofer akin to designer furniture, the X-Fi Sonic Carrier is truly a masterpiece of art and technology. Launched at an attractive “crowdfunding-style” pre-order, the X-Fi Sonic Carrier stole the thunder at CES 2016 and won the hearts of thousands - more than a hundred units were snapped up in less than a week.

Creative announced the Creative iRoar intelligent portable Bluetooth speaker system. The compact multipurpose Creative iRoar represents the next step in the evolution of portable speakers - with its audio performance, expandability, intelligent audio processing, personalization and a collaborative open platform that allows for third-party add-ons. Boasting twice the power of the original Sound Blaster Roar and a huge 20-hour battery life, the versatile Creative iRoar can work as a standalone unit or as part of a bigger system - it can be connected to a second unit for an even wider soundstage, mounted on a dedicated external iRoar Rock subwoofer unit for room-filling audio with enhanced bass, or transformed into a wireless personal PA system or Karaoke machine when connected to a wireless iRoar Mic.

September 2016

Creative unveiled the Creative iRoar Go, an intelligent splashproof portable Bluetooth speaker with magical SuperWide™ technology that boosts spaciousness beyond one's imagination. Improving on the award-winning speaker DNA of the classic Sound Blaster Roar and the Creative iRoar, the iRoar Go is the first speaker to incorporate Creative's groundbreaking SuperWide technology that delivers a startlingly wide audio experience from a small device.