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February 2014

Creative unveiled the mind-shattering Sound Blaster® Roar - a new concept booklet-size, 5-driver portable wireless speaker. Designed to rival existing home stereo systems, the Sound Blaster Roar is a heavyweight contender in the wireless speaker market that delivers amazingly powerful, precision-tuned, high fidelity sound from a compact and portable booklet size. Dubbed the 'Audiophile Sound Booklet', the Sound Blaster Roar packs a punch in audio performance. A product of years of research in speaker design and technology, it represents the pinnacle of portable wireless audio, and marks the redefinition of the home stereo and wireless speaker market - by combining wireless connectivity, portability, high fidelity and audio power all into one compact unit that can rest on the palm. Beyond its astounding audio performance, the Sound Blaster Roar also comes with many useful features, such as speakerphone teleconferencing, a MicroSD slot for MP3/WMA/WAV playback and audio recording, a battery charger, a siren and more.

September 2014

Creative unleashed the Sound Blaster® X7, its most powerful and technologically advanced audio solution to date. Combining the full force of the renowned 24-bit Sound Blaster processing (up to 192kHz), 127dB digital-to-analog converter (DAC), a robust 100-watt amplifier with top-notch audiophile-grade components, wireless, optical, multi-platform connectivity, coupled with a whole slew of advanced features to cover all aspects of usage on different platforms, the Sound Blaster X7 delivers the clearest and the most powerful high-resolution audio experience for music, videos, movies and games. It is the ultimate all-encompassing audiophile upgrade for pro-level gamers.