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1986 - 1990

December 1990

Sound Blaster became the number one selling add-on board for the PC market and tops the "hot list" of Ingram-Micro and Merisel, the two largest US software/hardware distributors.

November 1989

Launched Sound Blaster®, a PC sound card featuring 11-voice FM synthesiser with text-to-speech, digitised voice input/output, MIDI/joystick port and bundled software.

August 1988

Sim Wong Hoo, Creative Technology's founder, established business in USA and founded Creative Labs, Inc. in South San Francisco, California. Creative marketed its first product, Creative Music System, which was followed rapidly by the launch of Game Blaster, a full stereo sound board for the PC.

August 1987

Introduced Creative Music System (C/MS), a 12-voice stereo music synthesiser card with a variety of music software to support the card: C/MS Composer, C/MS Intelligent Organ and C/MS Multimedia Presenter.

May 1986

CUBIC CT, a multilingual, multimedia PC, was introduced into the Singapore market after only 6 months of design and development.