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Sound Blaster Cinema

Sound Blaster™ Cinema 2 brings the great audio experience found in live performances, films, and recording studios, right into your living room!

Powered by SBX Pro Studio, the Sound Blaster Cinema 2 is designed with many customizable features such as Multi-Channel Speaker Calibration to maximise every speakerís potential in different layouts, to professionally tuned profiles catering to major headset and headphone models used in the market.

SBX Pro Studio

Sound Blaster Cinema Screen

Sound Blaster™ Cinema 2 is designed with SBX Pro Studio to deliver an exceptional audio experience. SBX Pro Studio suites of audio technologies create unprecedented levels of audio realism, add dynamics and punch to every gunshot, explosion and gaming sound. It includes stunning surround effects, producing an incredibly realistic surround sound experience even from just a pair of headphones or stereo speakers.

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Multi-Channel Speaker Calibration

Speaker Calibration

Sound Blaster Cinema 2 includes Multi-Channel Speaker Calibration, which allows users to adjust each speaker parameters within the software, to compensate for different non-speaker placements.

Headphones Configuration Mode

Speaker Calibration

Sound Blaster Cinema 2 also includes professionally-tuned profiles for several major headset and headphone models, such as Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Headset or Apple Earpod, thereby maximising the overall audio experience.

Realistic and immersive audio experience, featuring Multi-Channel Speaker Calibration and professionally-tuned profiles.
Designed to bring the same great audio experience found in live performances, films, and recording studios.
Cutting-edge audio technology, providing a new level of audio immersion with SBX Pro Studio
A powerful audio platform equipped with cutting-edge audio technology and THX TruStudio Pro
High-end software solution for the more discerning user seeking an X-Fi experience
Audio solution that offers respectable sound quality, EAX3.0/4.0 and a user experience beyond that of basic motherboard audio

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