E-MU Sound Central
  • http://www.creative.com/emu/products/product.aspx?category=526&pid=15672
    Platinum 88 Professional Grand Piano
    Offers over 8GB of 24-bit professional grand piano samples!
  • http://www.creative.com/emu/products/product.aspx?category=526&pid=17894
    Xtreme Lead X
    A faithful rendition of E-MU's ground breaking Xtreme Lead-1 sound module, containing the original 512 presets and 1400 samples.
  • http://www.creative.com/emu/products/product.aspx?category=526&pid=11789
    Techno Synth Construction Yard X
    Legendary Dutch sound designer Rob Papen has masterfully combined the best of both analog and digital worlds into a unique collection of modern sound.
  • http://www.creative.com/emu/products/product.aspx?category=526&pid=11785
    Protean Drums X
    Over 500 presets that include everything from acoustic drum sounds to an assortment of acoustic and electronic percussion.
  • http://www.creative.com/emu/products/product.aspx?category=526&pid=11787
    Beat Garden X
    A soundset which combines techno and dance instruments with acoustic instruments and percussion.
  • http://www.creative.com/emu/products/product.aspx?category=526&pid=11329
    Mo' Phatt X
    An indispensable tool for every serious Hip-Hop musician/producer, delivering all the sonic tools you need to move the masses.
  • http://www.creative.com/emu/products/product.aspx?category=526&pid=11330
    Planet Earth X
    E-MU sound designers traveled the four corners of the globe to gather this incredible collection of traditional ethnic sounds.
  • http://www.creative.com/emu/products/product.aspx?category=526&pid=11332
    Virtuoso X
    Provides you with every string, woodwind, brass and percussion sample of E-MU's acclaimed Virtuoso 2000 sound module.
  • http://www.creative.com/emu/products/product.aspx?category=526&pid=11078
    Vintage X Pro Vol. 1
    A host of legendary synthesizers and keyboards from the past four decades.
  • http://www.creative.com/emu/products/product.aspx?category=526&pid=11081
    Vintage X Pro Vol. 2
    A host of legendary synthesizers and keyboards from the past four decades.
  • http://www.creative.com/emu/products/product.aspx?category=526&pid=11084
    Vintage X Pro Vol. 3
    A host of legendary synthesizers and keyboards from the past four decades.
  • http://www.creative.com/emu/products/product.aspx?category=526&pid=11331
    Street Kits
    U.K. sound designers Samplecraze have created a huge collection of over 600 Hip-Hop and Dance drumkits.
  • http://www.creative.com/emu/products/product.aspx?category=526&pid=10404
    Beat Shop Two
    Three new acoustic 24-bit drums, including Funk, Jazz and Studio kits, as well as an assortment of grooves performed by world-class drummers.