E-MU PIPEline Wireless Transmitter/Receiver System

E-MU PIPEline Wireless Transmitter/Receiver System

The E-MU PIPEline wireless transmitter/receiver system from E-MU Systems frees you from the tyranny of audio cables without sacrificing audio quality. The PIPEline can be used as a wireless transceiver for your guitar or keyboard, or as the basis of a wireless In-Ear monitoring system for your band. Because latency is so critical in music performance, PIPEline has a minimal delay of only 5.5ms so it won't interfere with the feel of your music.

With PIPEline connected to your instrument, you'll be able to move freely in a 15 meter range from the receiver. If your other band mates want to join the wireless revolution, they can, because PIPEline has three independent stereo channels. Each instrument stays completely independent with zero crosstalk.

Have you always wanted an In-Ear monitoring system, but couldn't justify the high price? PIPEline is the perfect solution for low-cost In-Ear monitoring. Because PIPEline has three channels, you can have three separate stereo monitor mixes, or one transmitter can send a group mix to multiple receivers.

PIPEline's Audio quality is superb with no-compression and a 48kHz sample rate (better than CD). Encryption key handshaking between transmitter and receiver eliminates the possibility of picking up other wireless sources.

Because PIPEline works with ANY audio device, you can wirelessly connect any of your other audio gear. For example, you could connect your iPod/Mp3 player (or computer) to your stereo system, or put remote speakers in another room of your house WITHOUT the hassle of routing speaker wires.

E-MU PIPEline features:
Mobile wireless transmit or receive
Each Pipeline can be configured as a transmitter or receiver for ultimate flexibility
Better than CD Quality Digital Audio
Audiophile quality sound with 48kHz sample rate and 96dB signal-to-noise ratio.
Low Latency
Unlike other wireless transceivers with long latency of 20ms, the E-MU pipeline offers low latency so essential for live music applications. 5.5ms in dedicated pairing mode, and 10ms in broadcast mode.
15 Meter (49 feet) Range
Pipeline has Extended Audio Range Reception (EARR) to give you even more freedom
Long Battery Life (up to 10 hrs receive)
The rechargeable battery lasts up to 10 hours in receive mode and 6 hours in transmit mode. Because each unit can be either a transmitter or receiver, you can swap units between sets and always have a fresh charge.
Analog/Digital inputs or outputs
The audio Flexi-Jacks can be configured as inputs or outputs and they can also be setup to send or receive analog or digital S/PDIF - whatever type of connections you need.
Broadcast mode allows one transmitter and multiple receivers
In this mode, one transmitter can broadcast to multiple receivers. Pipeline to be used as an "In-Ear" monitor system for your band, or broadcast to a class of students using headphones.
Pairing mode connects one transmitter to one receiver
In pairing mode, you can have up to three independent transmitter/receiver pairs. You could have three wireless instruments, or set up any three of the home applications. You could also use two channels for wireless instruments and use the third channel in broadcast mode for your In-Ear monitors.
Easy to setup and use
Power adapter/charger and cables included

I/O Configuration
Two RCA Flexi-Jacks can be configured either as inputs or outputs
The two RCA Flexi-Jacks can also be configured either as analog or digital (S/PDIF 48kHz)