Beat Garden X

Electronica/Dance Sound Library Vol. 2

Legendary sound designer Rob Papen and E-MU join forces to bring you every last sample of the Beat Garden ROM for your E-MU software instruments. Beat Garden X combines techno and dance instruments with acoustic instruments and percussion to offer a diverse palette of Electronica/Dance sounds. From synths and basses to acoustic and electronic drumkits and percussion, Beat Garden X delivers a surprising blend of the acoustic and electric worlds, which will point new directions for your own music. All of Beat Garden X's presets have been meticulously programmed to E-MU's powerful synth, effects and filter parameters, giving you hands-on control from the minute you load your sounds. Together with Techno Synth Contruction Yard X, Beat Garden X provides you with every last sample of E-MU's classic Orbit 3 Sound Module!

Orbit 3