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Advanced technology and small size mean better listening and a tidier desktop.

Creative, a worldwide leader in digital entertainment products, announces GigaWorks HD50 speakers, the perfect choice for pure music listening when space is limited but the quality requirement is not. Anyone who demands top-quality music with any PC, notebook or MP3 player will love the way these ultra-compact and great-looking two-piece speakers deliver it. As part of Creative's GigaWorks high-end speaker family, they come with the assurance of state-of-the-art engineering for supreme performance.

GigaWorks HD50 speakers are designed to deliver truly ‘big' sound in a remarkably small footprint, so users can enjoy all their music without compromising on quality or desktop area. Each satellite contains a Titanium Super Tweeter for sweeter high notes, augmented by a two-inch High Definition Driver for high energy and solid bass plus BasXPort™ technology for additional low-frequency strength. Together, these features create an amazingly realistic sound 'picture' all the way from the highest treble, through the important mid range, and down to a deep bass.

“If there's one thing people want from their PCs these days it's better quality sound,” comments John Keybeck, European Brand Manager for Speakers with Creative. “With the rapid spread of broadband and the universal popularity of download services and internet radios, it's no wonder that consumer research suggests that over a third of PC audio users want better listening from their systems.

“Creative provides a large and growing range of two-piece speakers to meet these needs,” he adds. “In the GigaWorks HD50s we're giving this market a new route to audio excellence in a compact format that combines great music with easy, two-piece installation on the smallest desktop. Trust GigaWorks HD50s to provide pure music listening with any PC, laptop or MP3 player,” he concludes.

GigaWorks HD50 speakers at a glance

  • Creative High Definition Drivers give full-range music reproduction and outstanding bass results.
  • Titanium Super Tweeters for smooth, high-frequency reproduction and vocal clarity.
  • BasXPort™ technology for enhanced bass impact without a subwoofer.
  • Convenient, front-mounted controls for volume/power.
  • Blue LED indicates when speakers are on.