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September 2011

ZiiLABS unveiled the 3rd Generation JAGUAR3 - the most powerful Android 3.2 10.1" reference tablets powered by ZiiLABS StemCell ZMS processors and designed by Creative. JAGUAR3 is a series of ultra-slim, ultra-lightweight and stylish 10.1" tablet reference designs targeted at the OEM markets. JAGUAR3's superior performance, low power consumption and rich feature set are derived from the dual-core 1.5GHz ARM Cortex-A9 based ZMS-20 StemCell processors. ZMS-20 has another 48 StemCell processing cores within, which effectively make it into a 50-core processor. These advanced GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) features easily make ZMS-20 the most powerful SoC (system-on-chip) available for tablets todate.

May 2011

Creative introduced the groundbreaking Sound Core3D™ - the high-performance multi-core sound and voice processor designed for embedded PC applications. The Sound Core3D™ is the first sound and voice processor to integrate high-performance DSPs and a high-quality analog Codec on one chip. This unique low cost solution is dynamic and versatile, enabling it to superbly support sound and voice algorithms. The Sound Core3D™ is available in two configurations: An HD audio configuration for PC products and an embedded configuration for consumer electronic products.

March 2011

Creative launched innovative PlayChinese™ Pedagogy System with the new ZiiO Shenbi Tablet and content applications that make mastering the Chinese language fun and easy experience. The PlayChinese Pedagogy System was the direct result of Creative's cutting-edge digital technologies combined with its vast knowledge in the field of Chinese language education.