Behind the Creative Airwave's Design

Explore the rationale behind every detail and feature
in the unique design of the Creative Airwave speakers.

We've always believed in incorporating attractive yet functional design in all our products. The Creative Airwave is no different. In conceptualizing the design of these speakers, we had these few considerations in mind:

Firstly, we wanted the speakers to be visually outstanding - something you would proudly carry around while you're out and about. At the same time, they had to complement any contemporary home interior. Finally, we wanted something that looked as impressive and fitting as the advanced technology it was housing.

Simply bold

You can be forgiven if the Creative Airwave doesn't appear to look like, at first sight, what speakers normally do - black, boxy and boring. Instead, it sports a robust, bold and unique elongated triangular chassis that you can hold comfortably in your hand.

Moving away from the typical unimaginative speaker setup that sits in your living room, the Creative Airwave injects a refreshing change and is a sure conversation piece in your home. It'll probably make some heads turn as well during your day out at the park or beach.

To top it all off, the colors and materials for the speaker's metallic grille and glossy body were carefully selected after countless painstaking tests and trials. The result is a two-tone contrast that accentuates the final look and feel.

The power, volume and Bluetooth controls are conveniently located at the top of the speaker.

More than meets the eye

Looks can be deceiving. Packed within the fun-looking, colorful body of the Creative Airwave are advanced technologies that make the speaker stand out in the features department.

Beyond mere aesthetics, the physical design of the Creative Airwave series also brings out the best in your audio.

The front baffle's 30° upwards tilt improves audio projection by firing audio directly at your ears - so you'll enjoy maximum aural impact and a clear reproduction of your music. You also get better audio reproduction with the solid, vibration-free housing.

With its triangular shape, the back of the speaker - which houses the NFC receiver - is easily accessible for you to simply tap an NFC-enabled smart device for quick Bluetooth pairing.

For more information about the Creative Airwave and Airwave HD, visit and respectively.

Clever Design

While other companies bicker among themselves over who produces the best audio quality, we work hard to give you clever audio - we utilize the latest technology in clever ways so you get audio products that punch well above their weight.